The Dog Days of Summer

My beloved lab Maddie (aka Mads, Boo Boo Kitty, Madder, Madeleine Rose (when in trouble) and other assorted names) tore her ACL. Which…means no running or jumping all summer long while she heals. The only approved activity is swimming or what I like to affectionately call Aquatic Therapy. 

When you capitalize something it just sounds better doesn't it?

Today was our first day of Aquatic Therapy at the local swimming hole. She did well. Well, until she spotted a bird and I had to hold her back. It's going to be a long summer I suspect. Sigh.

IMG 1229 The Dog Days of Summer

Photo notes: It was taken using Hipstamatic with the Ina's 1969 filter.  Mad is the odd looking eel-like creature in the back.


How Do You Handle Boredom?

The other day someone told me that when they get bored they create drama. When I get bored I travel. The new sights, sounds and locations break up my routine, allowing me to see new things and stimulate me in a way that's very productive. Let's face it–like school kids stuck inside on a sunny day we all get bored some times. We all handle it in our way. Some people put a teddy bear's head on a mannequin.


IMG 0565 300x300 How Do You Handle Boredom?


What do you do when you're bored?


How to Have Hope When Things Aren’t Working Out

My dad is an engineer which means he likes to make sure things are perfect. If he could take a side angle to my life to make sure it was perfectly aligned I'm sure he would. So of course, he loves to come up with tidy little aphorisms for his kids. I got this one recently in my birthday card:


It's always darkest before the dawn

IMG 0532 300x300 How to Have Hope When Things Arent Working Out

While I'm sure he wasn't the originator of this saying, he did popularize it–at least for me. It's a great reminder that sometimes when things are at their breaking point it actually means a transformation is around the corner. Sometimes when things aren't working out as you planned something even better is in store. Like when clients aren't coming in as fast as you wanted but the bills are still due. Or when a situation is breaking down so rapidly that it's clear there isn't a way to save it. I used to dread these. Now I just remind myself that it can get really, really dark just before really good stuff happens.




What is Work?

I've been thinking a lot about the nature of work.  We can have very narrow definitions to what is work.There are both tangible and intangible parts to the work I do in the tech/internet industry. What constitutes work? Is it sitting a computer writing all day? Is it being out and meeting people? Is it when you're reading on an unrelated topic that suddenly sparks a good idea?

This is what work looks like right?

IMG 0679 300x300 What is Work?

The way these guys were asking for money seems to mean this is work right?

IMG 0726 300x224 What is Work?

Can work look like this–a big repository of minds?

IMG 0533 300x300 What is Work?


Work these days is much more varied and increasingly lives in in our heads. So how do we know it's work? Is there always an output? Does it have to look a certain way?


Blight as Beauty

Yesterday I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge. The best thing about it was all the tagging on the bridge and the surrounding buildings. Many people think tagging is blight.

IMG 0671 300x300 Blight as BeautyI happen to think it's beautiful. I also think it's thought provoking. I love that it makes me question what beauty is. It makes me question self expression and the best way to express our creativity. I love that it takes me out of my comfy, tidy little world and makes me look at the world differently. It makes me want to create. To make things tangible. The wheels are a turning. And that's a good thing.


Being Home-Less

I'm currently nearing the end of a trip to New York City. When I get back I don't have an actual place to go to. I am home-less at the moment. Not the down and out kind of homeless. The hyphenated kind that means being without a home gives me more. It's a long story of how I ended up here. Let's just say that I made a decision. It turned out to be not a great one. So, I made a new one which…left me without a permIMG 0663 300x300 Being Home Lessanent place to call home at the moment.

When I get home from NYC I'll stay at a friend's house until she as another friend come stay on her couch. Then, I surf on over to a another couch until the 19th. Then, who knows? I may go live in a friend's mini Winnebago for a while. Then again, I might not.

Being home-less is giving me freedom to focus on what's most important to me. It's also giving me the opportunity to have a new adventure. And I'd never turn down one of those.

What new adventure have you embarked on that you never thought you would?