Enough With This Pink Tech Ghetto Business

The role of women in technology has been talked about endlessly. Normally I stay out of these conversations because we seem to rehash the same thing over and over again. Ugh. I hate endless conversation about problems, preferring to foIMG 4325 300x300 Enough With This Pink Tech Ghetto Businesscus on progress and solutions. So, when I felt I needed to step into the digital fray on this issue it's why I focused my post on There is No Pink Tech Ghetto

Apparently that little post still has legs because a few weeks ago Forbes writer Meghan Casserly asked for my opinion on the topic. Meghan writes a column that covers women's issues, ForbesWoman. In this article, she questions just who is to blame for the perception that there's a pink tech ghetto loaded with female entrepreneurs. She ends the piece with my quote:

"It paints women entrepreneurs at the helm of high-growth, tech businesses as unicorns who don’t exist.”

They do exist.

And there are statistics that debunk this myth. Check out the article for more enlightening stats as well as a study done by Marian Mangoubi. In her research, Marian notes that the three most populus industries for female entrepreneurs are in technology, business and media & entertainment.

Now, can we put this whole Pink Tech Ghetto Discussion to rest and get back to creating cool things that have an impact? Or better yet.

Find a cool woman entrepreneur.

Support her.

Spread the word about what she's doing.


The Field of Dreams Fallacy

Just a wee rant about a lil something in startup land that I like to call The Field of Dreams Fallacy. Yes, I am making a funny face. I'm still learning how to use video editing software. So can we just agree to ignore the still at the beginning of the video and pay attention to the content?



Here we go.


Love = Fire?

A few months back I signed up for something called Twylah. It presents your story through a collection of tweets in an organized magazine format. I forgot all about it until I got message from them today. Looks like they need to do a better job marketing the business and making the service sticky. But…that's a different post.

Back to love. Twylah organizes your tweets by frequent topics. Coincidentally, on cupid's day this was a part of my recap.

Screen shot 2012 02 14 at 3.04.35 PM Love = Fire?

What is Twylah trying to say about my love life?

All these guys are carrying a torch for me?

I'm on fire?

I've torched my love life to hell?

What caption would you give for this story?

P.S. The best caption wins a free copy of my intuition ebook.




Time Travel

Time travel and their accompanying time machines have always fascinated me. Most of my favorite films and books play with the notion of time (The Matrix, The Time Traveler's Wife, Pulp Fiction, Timeline, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency to name a few).

A desire to relive happy moments, make a different choice (uber short bangs as a college freshman) or make a different decision to see how my life would turn out are the impetus.

I've created my own sort of time machine with my A Simple Question practice. Looking back to what was going on a year ago affords the opportunity to measure which direction my life is going. Knowing this arms me with the information I need to engineer a turnaround or continue what I'm doing.

Now there's Timehop, a service that reminds you what was going on a year ago. It gives me a quick, easy way to connect with my year-ago self.

Screen shot 2012 02 14 at 9.41.49 AM Time Travel

A year ago I was nursing a relationship hangover, taking a memoir writing class, trying to decide where I wanted to live and looking for my next gig. Can you say transition? I actually love times like this when things are so raw and…so free. A year later I oddly find myself in another transition–by choice. Once again I have consented to lose sight of the shore to discover new land (credit to Andre Gide).

Ice and Sky Time Travel


I am a woman without a permanent address or long-term gig at the moment. Being betwixt and between can be challenging, requiring a zen state of mind. Time traveling back 365 days was a great reminder that I've been here before and that things always work out in beautiful if unexpected ways.