Maybe it's springtime or the fact that I haven't been out of the country in a while but Paris has been on my mind. To wit, I re-watched Something's Gotta Give (which ends in Paris), just finished reading The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry (a story of a writer who attends Le Cordon Bleu) and have been listening to lots of French music lately even though I can't speak the language. Like at all.  I even almost picked up a book about mothering the Parisian way even though I don't have children and have no plans to have them any time soon. I'm so Paris obsessed that I actually considered it for a nano second.

Eiffel Tower WanderlustPretty sure this means that I need to get a trip to one of my favorite cities on the books soon or else all that sexy French music I've been listening to is going to turn to the depressing sort like Mon Dieu by Edith Plaf. Which, may be a lovely song but makes me feel more desperate than all French and flirty.

On this lovely spring day I thought you might enjoy this rendition of La Mer by Julio Inglesias that I've had on repeat lately.  I'd put the song right in this post for you but the embed code is disabled. 

So you'll just have to settle for this photo of the Eiffel Tower that apparently Kimberly Vardeman took when she went to one of the best cities in the world without me. Um, not that I know her personally. Is it too big a favor to stow away a random stranger? When it's Paris, I think not.

Me prendre à paris!

Before I start donning berets, drinking red wine for lunch and smoking cigarettes.


Are Beliefs Really Just Masquerading as Excuses?

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

Anais Nin

In my work I spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs. Either one can fall victim to the problem of seeing the world from a particular lens. The ones that are successful are aware of their lens. They're careful to let go of perceptions that get in their way. The least successful ones can't see that there's a lens in front of their eyes.

IMG 5152 300x300 Are Beliefs Really Just Masquerading as Excuses?Perception is Everything

There are plenty of things we see as truths that aren't. A truth is really just a belief. We just *think* it's the Truth with a capital T. But really, it's a belief. And that means it's changeable. Why is this important? Sometimes what you think is a truth is really just masquerading as an excuses. Here's the thing.

I'm tired. Really F*&%ng tired.

I'm tired of people (including moi) using the something masquerading as the truth as a shield for an excuse for not living up to themselves. All of that potential that we keep dammed back, held hostage by beliefs. Yes there are limitations but they're not nearly as restrictive as our beliefs would have them seem. There's a whole lot more space there.

Does this sound like you? Some of these sure have sounded like me on occasion.

I'm too old to start a business. To date. To start over in my career.

I'm too weak to complete a marathon. To end that toxic relationship. To be brave.

I don't have time to write that book. I don't have time to take care of myself.

I could never bring in enough money on my own. Ask for investment funding.

I don't have enough money to properly market my business. To take that international trip.

I can't market myself. I can't save money. I can't do what I love and make money.

Cut it out.

Just stop telling yourself, your spouse, your investors anyone these "truths."

They're just excuses.

That's all they are.

I know I'm not the first to say this. I'm just the one saying it to you now. The next time you think something is a truth check to see if it's really just an excuse in disguise.

Now go get cracking on living up to your potential.

You're welcome.


Spelling Revenge

Last weekend I did something daring. Something scary.

I participated in a spelling bee.

It was the first time since second grade I had entered one. Being a word nerd and having somewhat of a sixth sense with spelling, I  was so excited for my first spelling bee. I even wore my favorite shirt. And…I was out in the second round on minute. Not the measurement of time, the measurement of size.  Oh, the English language is vexing.
I never spelled in public again.

Or wore that shirt. Fearing it to be my spelling kryptonite, I threw it away. 
IMG 3047 300x300 Spelling RevengeThis weekend I jumped up on stage at an adult spelling bee and did something I swore I'd never do again. Submit myself to public humiliation by mis-spelling words.  It may have been liquid courage that I gained from that half glass of wine I drank before it. Or, that I had no idea why I was jumping on stage except that my friend Terry Cabeen, the MC, asked for 4 people to join him. Nonetheless, there I was in the limelight. Competing in a lightning round with the winner being crowned for spelling the most words correct in 90 seconds. And I won.

Now I get to have a delicious, decadent dinner at this place.

I'm not sure the reason for this post is much more than a big old victory lap for my second grade loss but since this is a blog, I feel compelled to have a moral. Here it is.

Let go of the past.

Be here now.

And? Always jump on stage whenever they ask for volunteers. You never know what you might win.

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