The Science of Love

Love is a mysterious thing. Some of us profess to understand it–um, not me–but most of us don't. Even science doesn't fully understand how love works. If you're not a romantic or in a relationship, you may say that don't care about Valentine's Day. That may be true but I bet you'll think of love–your current one, or maybe a lost love or how to get more love–at least once today.

Given my dating history I may not be an expert at love but I do know how to find people who have a few intelligent thoughts about it. Let's listen in for a bit of a lesson on how the heart–and the brain–on love really work.


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To Know Someone You Must Fight Them

I've been thinking a lot about conflict lately and wanting to blog about it.Conflict is a funny thing. I think most of us spend a great deal of time fearing it. Worrying that it will ruin our relationships. We push away from conflict so that we can maintain our bubble of perceived happiness and perfection. But this is sheer folly in my opinion. It's only when you have a conflict that you truly begin to know someone. Here are a few more of my thoughts including some advice from one of my favorites sages.