Hi I'm Suzan.

I grew up in Detroit. My dad is a mechanical engineer who built prototypes for innovative cars like the Electrovair II, GM's first electric car unveiled to the world. I guess that's where my love of engineers started. And, why I consider myself a geek to the core. My need to work for myself comes my grandfather, who was an entrepreneur long before the current startup craze.

My parent's biggest dream was to travel and so by the age of 16, I'd visited all the continental united states by the age of 16. My wanderlust has driven me to live in San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boulder, Denver and now New York City.

I like tacos, travel and a nice cup of tea. My favorite emotion is laughing while crying. I believe there's nothing like just being yourself -- fitting in is overrated.


I'm a writer and band manager for software developers and other internet makers.

I've been featured in Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, CNN, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. I've spoken all over the world. I wrote a book about intuition and am currently at work on a series of books, Bet on Yourself. As a ghost writer, I've written for many technical, business and lifestyle blogs.  These days I mainly write on my other site, Bet On Yourself or on other publications.


A Few Things I've Written

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photo credit:  Natasha Hergott

photo credit: Natasha Hergott