Suzan helps developers grow their passion projects. Suzan is currently learning to code and working on several passion projects of her own. 

Suzan began her professional career working for top 5 consulting firms + big retailers.  Her tech career began during web 1.0 when she managed the project management department for an interactive Agency.  She next honed her expertise as an Executive + Career Coach. Since leaving the corporate world she's guided numerous startups, entrepreneurs and software developers to build businesses that have a powerful impact on the world.

A former consultant for the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Suzan has lead Marketing for Denver Startup Week, the largest free startup week in the United States. 

Insatiable curiosity led Suzan to a BA in Psychology, MA in American Studies from Michigan State University and a MSW in Administration and Community Organizing from the University of Michigan. 

She's been featured in Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, CNN, Forbes + Wall Street Journal among numerous media outlets. Suzan's writing has been featured on She Owns It + WeWork Magazine along with many technical, business and lifestyle blogs as a ghost writer. She has spoken all over the world, wrote a book about intuition  and is currently at work on a book about Impostor Syndrome.

Wanderlust + A High Risk Tolerance

After growing up just outside Detroit, her wanderlust drove her to live in San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boulder/Denver and now New York City. By the age of 16 she'd  visited all of the continental states except one. Because she's either plucky or stupid, she's moved across the country 4 times with no money, no job and no friendsApropos of nothing, you should know that she tends to think in circles, swirls + stars. Her crowning achievement might just be that Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction) RT'ed her. Twice.

Talk to her about tacos, theatre or travel anytime. 

photo credit: the amazingly talented Aimee Giese