Blogging: 10 Years Later

It's been 10 years since I first heard about blogging. Those days I worked at an interactive agency during web 1.0. Back then updating content on a site practically required a degree or at least a minor in programming, so there were very few bloggers out there. OK. Maybe I'm being a bit facetious about the minor in programming but you definitely had to have some knowledge.

I only knew one blogger: Patric King.

He served as the Creative Director on several projects I led. A bang up designer, his voice was very clear--sarcastic, direct with a pretty good amount of bite to it.

His posts always sounded just like how he talked.

Although he worked hard to craft his blogging voice it never felt forced or contrived.

I loved it.

I loved that he  gave himself the freedom to articulate his thoughts even when they weren't NSFW. Which happened quite a bit.

These are some of my favorite posts:

- The one where he makes a packing list sound interesting.  And? You get a good sense of his personality. Through a list. Now that--is good writing.

- This beautiful aching rant is so intimate and raw. It's also right around the time the company we worked for was coming apart at the seams like the rest of those internet companies during the dot bomb. It reminds me of those early heady days on the web.

- Or, this short ditty about names. or, god save my fragile ego.

Sadly, I've fallen out of touch with pk (as he's also known) but thank god for the internets where his voice lives on for me. Although I wouldn't start blogging until a few years later he was my original inspiration.

pk was my blogging hero.

He was my champion for having my own unique voice.

And we all need one of those right?