Changing Your S.O.P. Can Change Business

I had a client who decided to make a good sized change in their business model. One of the keys to this decision (which was a good one by the way) was the use of disruptive forces. In their case, the disruptive forces included bringing in outside perspectives. This was in large part what helped them to get clear about their core competency. They got a bit uncomfortable. They disrupted their usual way of thinking.  And viola. The right solution came to them. Pretty easily by the way. Having to reinvent yourself is common--especially in the startup and growth phases of business. Twitter got its start out of a need to reinvent and in their case--do things radically differently. If you don't know the story of how this innovative, disruptive company came to be, you can read their story here. On a side note, it's also an interesting case of building a disruptive technology in stealth mode. Who knew you could change the way the world communicates in 140 characters? Want to have more business? Be more profitable? Create an innovative disruptive technology in your industry? Get out of your comfort zone. Feeling uncomfortable isn't well--comfortable. But it is sometimes necessary to help you get out of the ruts you've developed by habit. And sometimes, changing the standard operating procedure is just what's needed. Here a few ways to disrupt your thinking:

- Read about innovations in other fields. - Do a daily task in a very different way than normal. - Ask for an outsiders opinion. Strangers or those outside your field can often provide surprising & new solutions. - Work with different people on a project than you normally would. - Spend time in a completely different environment. (for example, watch children play if you're normally in an office all day)

If all else fails--stand on your head. That'll make the world look different.

What are your favorite ways to disrupt your thinking?

And do tell me how things have changed once you disrupted your usual way of thinking and acting. Blog-perators are standing by...