How to (Really) Change Your Life

Looking at the title of this post you might think it's New Years. No, you're not mistaken. We didn't suddenly fast-forward to the end of the year when most people naturally think about setting goals for the coming one. I'm a fall person. After the more laid-back feel of summer I look forward to August and the months between now and the end of the year. It's when I have the most energy. It's when I coalesce what I want the coming year to be about.

I gave up resolutions a number of years ago. They just don't work for me. Well, for most people either--without the right amount of support and mental change that's required to make 'em stick. Instead...

I start with a theme of the year

Last year it was Freedom. Having a theme helps me focus my attention and helps me to set goals. Once I have the theme I start to develop goals. I usually break them down by the quarter since a year is an awfully long time and usually the goals I have in mind are pretty meaty. Having a theme and some specific goals is key.

What I accomplished in 2009:

- Moved to Boulder (with no job and no friends)

- Got back into climbing

- Allowed myself to go to zero (the most amazing freedom I've ever felt)

- Finally found work/life balance (HUGE freedom for a recovering Type A)

- Fell in love for the first time in 5 years (it didn't last but it was glorious)

- Went snowboarding for the first time (and didn't suck at it)

This Year's Theme

This year's word is Alignment.  Going inside out rather than outside in to create a life that really allows me to find (and stay) in my flow. One of my goals for this year was to travel more--something I love but haven't always made a priority. So far in 2010 I've traveled to:

- Aspen

- Austin

- Breckenridge & Frisco

- Los Angeles

- Ouray

- Santa Fe & Taos

- Telluride

Whaddaya think? Are you with me?

Three Quick Steps to Really Change Your Life 1. Develop a theme. (Focus) 2. Write down your goals. (Specificity) 3. Share them publicly. (Accountability)

What's your theme?

What do you plan to accomplish this month?

This Quarter?

This Year?