On My Mind Monday

I'm a voracious reader. I ask lots, I mean lots, of questions. (I'm actually paid to do it for a living).  So, one of the things I'm known for is being able to assimilate and use information quickly. I'm often asked which networking groups are the best in town. Or, who's speaking at an event in town. And most often...resources on organizational strategy, business and transition. I've decided to spread the love via this blog.  Every week I'll share links to the things that have been on my mind over the past week.  Some times they might have a theme. Often, like the way my brain works, they'll be more stream of consciousness.

On to our first edition...

More Venture, Less Capital: On the Road with TechStars Why: This article highlights some of my favorite TechStars companies from the 2010 class. Companies and people you definitely want to watch.

Tech Cocktail: TechStars Boulder Launches 11 More Startups Why: This is a good comprehensive recap of the recent crop of TechStars.

New York Times: Tapping the Wisdom of the Crowd Why: Crowdsourcing is the way of future if not the way of now. It's a trend a new way of doing business that you should know about.  As an added bonus? The article mentions a couple of Boulder local businesses.

New York Times (Sunday Magazine): The Age of Laura Linney Why: I'm fascinated with talent and people who find ways to use theirs to create a satisfying career. Laura Linney is definitely one of those. Actors are like entrepreneurs because they're free agents who have to manage their careers well. And? I met her once. She was so genuine and unassuming (for such a big talent) that I didn't realize who she was until much later. Cool.

And, a photo I took from my bedroom window Sunday night as I was preparing this post.