Startup Weekend Boulder 5 - The Remix Version

54 intense, action packed hours to create a startup...

from pretty much nothing.

Oh yeah. There are going to be plenty of goofy and even wacky moments. I captured a few of those moments during the latest rendition of Startup Weekend in Boulder and here are some of my favorites. Two of my favorite moments couldn't have been depicted by photos so I'll use their best medium: words.

1st: Eric Marcoullier (OneTrueFan) gave advice that had something to do with having more founders making a better marriage except it's legal--kinda like in Utah. I'm not sure if I got the essence of that message but any time you make a comparison between startups and bigamy I'm going to laugh.

2nd: Micah Baldwin ( ended his round of advice with a bunch of random swear words to make Eric (a liberal swearer from what I understand) more comfortable. And these both were from the first few moments of the event on Friday night.

The rest of the weekend did not disappoint. Here are some of the best visual moments I was able to capture from the weekend. And if you don't find them funny well--I guess you had to be there to truly appreciate them.

The first was from a round of the classic rock, paper, scissors for a highly coveted Startup Weekend jacket. This the final round. The guy in the gray won. It's a pretty darn cool jacket. I almost sidled up to the winner with a "How you doin'?" just to get the chance to wear it. But...I think he's married so, not cool.

The few moments are from that evening. The guy in this photo pitched an idea about crowd sourcing something or other political. The bib was pretty priceless as well as patriotic.

There are all sorts of fun cut-outs around the TechStars bunker. My favorites are Chewbaca (who doesn't love some Chewie?) and the one of Co-organizer Jon Rossi with his new girlfriend. I guess he likes a woman who can kick ass while wearing leather and really, who doesn't? I wouldn't mind being that woman.


During the event I took a bunch of random photos including teams working. When I stopped by the ID Weeds team they immediately struck this pose. It's fitting for their startup (a medical marijuana inventory system). And? Still funny since it's not something I see much in the business world I inhabit.

Apparently, you can buy a BMW during Startup Weekend. And there's even a discount on the price as a participant. Since I wasn't one I wouldn't have gotten the discount but if I had...

I might be rolling around in style today.

And finally, there's always a clean-up crew at events right? Well at Startup Weekend Boulder the organizers mean it when they say that no job is too small at a startup. Here are co-organizers Jon Rossi and Dave Mayer as they clean up while I sit watching them and take pictures of them hard at work.

That's all for this edition of Startup Weekend Boulder. Now go forth and startup!