How to Reach an Amsterdam-Like Dream

It seems every other week someone is publicly making a mistake. Whether it be an errant tweet about getting slizzered or trying a new way to reach an audience with less than stellar results being wrong is a part of reaching for your dreams.

No one is perfect. This is a pretty well-known mantra right that we're all supposed to subscribe to right? As a kid who grew up trying to be perfect all the time to make her parents happy being wrong was one of my deepest agonies. Abhorring it made me shrink away from being my most. I didn't take as many challenges. I knew the right answer.

I would have told you that being wrong was just a part of life. As long as you're the one who is wrong and not me.

I'm not sure there was a big epiphany where I decided to change this like always seems to be in movies. You know the one where the person suddenly changes after a cab nearly hits them or a bad date. Life isn't always like that. Change is often a series of small moments rather than big ones.  As the years passed I think I just got tired of watching other people succeed. One thing they had in common was their willingness to take risks. And when you take risks guess what happens? You're wrong sometimes.

I guess I wanted my dreams more than I wanted to avoid being wrong. That was the change. And it took time. So I'm going after my dreams
and occasionally I'm wrong. I don't like it, I don't wish for it but I'm at peace with it because my dreams are worth it.  If you have Amsterdam size dreams that you want to reach, you're going to have to have a thicker skin. You're going to have to toughen up in order to achieve them.

Are you willing to put yourself out there in service of your dreams even if it means being wrong?