You Don't Have To Be a Millionaire To Support Creativity

Growing up I spent most of my free time doing creative activities: writing, singing, theater and playing 5 instruments. As an adult I've always wanted to support the arts more but wasn't quite at the $100,000 donation level. That's why I love KickStarter. I can support creative endeavors at an investment level that works for me.

While I was in NYC for an extended stay, I walked the High Line along the Hudson from Mid-Town Manhattan down to the Meat Packing district. I loved how the project re-purposed old train tracks into a beautiful space. LowLine, one of the projects I funded, seeks to turn an abandoned trolley terminal into the world's first underground park.

They're 96% of the way there. Wanna help them get the last 4% so they can make their "first" a reality?