The Power of Introversion on Creativity

Susan Cain's TED talk on The Power of Introverts is thought provoking, honest and funny. It's become so well received that she even made the NY Times. She highlights the belief that creativity comes from being gregarious rather than "solo flights of thought." I'm often seen as an extrovert but that's actually not the whole story. I consider myself an extroverted introvert (what Cain calls ambiverts). As an ambivert I often need a mixture of crowds and alone time to bring my creativity to fruition. To wit, Cain claims that solitude is often a crucial ingredient to creativity.

Even if you're an extravert, a little quiet time can likely help your creativity and productivity.  Let's curl up and watch shall we?

Creativity, Education & Entrepreneurship

"If you're not prepared to be wrong you'll never come up with something creative." Sir Ken Robinson

Although this quintessential Ted talk by Sir Ken Robinson is focused on education, it's also highly relevant to entrepreneurship. Being open to being wrong allows us to take chances, to fail, to learn. It also gives us the chance to find new and creative solutions to problems which is critical for entrepreneurship. Our education system encourages being right and learning facts rather than taking chances and following our natural instincts. It takes courage and a good bit of effort to go against this educational training.

If you're an entrepreneur or would like to unleash the one waiting inside of you this is a much watch.

Genius & the Creative Spirit

I happen to be a big fan of creativity and memoirs. One of my favorites in this genre is Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, the author of that book, Eat, Pray, Love that is equal parts loved and hated. She's a brilliant writer who I admire for 1) her ability to turn a mean phrase 2) her willingness to use her life as her muse. I adore what she's done with her creative spirit that if I could suddenly take the place of any writer it might just be Elizabeth Gilbert.

Clearly this woman is bright. Like off the charts smart. And incredibly talented. As a creative at heart, this is a very inspiring talk. It's a bit long but if you want to feel understood, learn more about the creative spirit and laugh it's well worth it.