The 7 Online Personalities

Understanding your online personality gives you boundaries--and that's a good thing. Like babies or dogs, we need to know where the edge is, where to focus our energy. In other words, if you want to make progress to your goals you need to understand your online personality.

So, which one are you?

- Known for their creations whether it be technology, food, animated gifs, short films or books. 
- Typically shares content such as technical tips, how to's, recipes and things they’ve made. 


Why successful: Others learn from the Maker’s expertise which builds their credibility. 

The Philosopher Poet 
- Content: Lyrics and quotes sometimes known, sometimes obscure.

- The philosopher can also share lots of seemingly non-sequitors posts without context.

Why Successful: The Philosopher inspires others who may be feeling the same way. 

- Whether sarcastic, snarky or silly, this type is all about the humor and the fun.    
- Often trades in jokes, gifs, comic strips or mocking the latest products or foibles of public figures.


Why Successful: The Humorist lightens other people's day bringing perspective. Who doesn’t need to laugh more? 

Content Curator

- This category actually has two sub-types:
          - Curator: Carefully picks high quality content, typically reads everything they disseminate.
          - Information machine: Typically high in volume, varies in quality, won’t read everything they share.


Why Successful: People trust what the Curator shares. 
Why Successful: The Information Machine’s stream means there’s plenty of content to pick from.


- Known provoking others or starting fights on Facebook or Twitter. May write blog posts they know will be controversial. 

Why Successful:  The Provocateur gets others to talk about important topics which can advance a conversation or help advocate changes.

The Expressive     

- You’ll know this person by their selfies and the (over) sharing of all the emotional arcs of their lives.

Why Successful: They appeal to other’s curiosity w/ a peek into someone else’s life. Can also be aspirational (i.e. the woman who Instagrams pictures of her award winning butt) or to make someone else feel like they’re not alone in their tribulations.
The Inter-Actor

- This person is all about interacting with others. Connecting with others drives them. They may ask how someone’s day is going, ask you for your opinion on a topic or start a group conversation.

Why Successful: The Inter-Actor is often genuine, making other’s feel good or important. Their interactions can also build communities.