A Letter to My Neglected Blog

Dear blog,
You've been neglected. Frankly, you've been starved lately. I'm sorry about that.

We need to talk.

It's like this. I've got lots of clients lately and they've asked me to blog for them. And? It brings in the bacon. So I've been blogging--just not on your pretty digital pages. I've missed you. I know, I know. Everyone says that. But I really mean it. The thing is, I'm just not that good at balance. I tend to swing from one extreme to the other. I don't say this as an excuse. This is more of a reality check. There are times when my client work is just going to have to come first. I hope you'll take solace with the fact that I have been blogging.

Here are a few of the things I've been blogging about lately.

  • Perusing Twitter helps me find unearth cool new gems like the fact that the new SimCity will be rad with alternative energy sources and other cool additions. Thanks to Miss Courtney O'Rourke for the tip.
  • Earlier this year I walked the High Line in New York City. When I heard about The LowLine a KickStarter project that aims to re-purpose an abandoned trolley station into an underground park I just had to write about it. And? They're using innovative new fiber-optic solar technology.
  • Apparently there's a World Water Day and we recently celebrated. I wrote a little piece about how to  save some water !
  • I also wrote about the cool new 918 Spyder hybrid sports car from Porsche. Um, it's a sexy car. That plugs into the wall. And it goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

Let's see. I've written about saving the planet, playing fun games that help save the planet and a sexy sports car. You have to admit--it's pretty cool right? No? Does it make you feel any better that it was for a good cause?

You can take your time to make up your mind on that one. In the meanwhile I hope you'll forgive me for needing to focus on client work and be happy that at least I've been blogging. A lot actually. And? I promise to make more time for you--ok?

Now, what have you been up to?

What I Read Today

I think the biggest relationship in my life is with...content.

I love reading it, writing it, writing about it. Naturally, it consumes a good portion of my day. Since I have no idea how much consume (except that it's probably massive) I thought I'd record everything I read today. (Emails, tweets and facebook posts that weren't articles or blog posts were not counted) For example, reading a DM from someone who wanted to talk about being a community manager and reading the FAQ on WordPress installs didn't count. Although, if it was a blog post that came directly into my inbox I did count it. Anyway, those are my rules. Here are my tools.

Tools: Evernote and Instapaper were the biggest tools to help me record all my various reads.
How I found my content: Emailed blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

- REM breaks up. Everybody hurts...sometimes.

- And another one just because I'm so sad about the breakup.

- Heard about new funding for TechStars companies first from Andrew Hyde courtesy of an email in my inbox with this post.

- Two posts by Mark Suster on anger including a story about floaties in the pool. Not the kind you wear for buoyancy.

Whew. That's  a lot of reading. Time for a wee break. Here are a few photos I took today.

[gallery order="DESC"]

Back to some good reads.

- Found out that my friend Alex's company Next Big Sound is in the running for the best young entrepreneurs. Vote for them! I'm sure they'll throw us a big party if they get selected. Um, right?

- Starting Your Dream Job by Wendy Lea. Read this one because I saw my friend Josh Fraser mention her and found out she was one of his advisors through this article.

- Another announcement about new funding for TechStars companies courtesy David Cohen. Wanted to see if there were more details.

- One of the most prolific writers I know is at it again with We Are All Weird. Love the title. Love the author (Seth Godin).

- Really enjoyed, Blissciple about Grace Boyle's upbringing in TM (Transcendental Meditation). I adore Grace and have spent a good amount of time in her town and around the TM community so it was an especially fun read.

- A letter to the CEO of Netflix from DVD's on Mashable. My favorite line: "Oh Reed, how soon you’ve forgotten to think like a customer."

- Most economically vibrant college towns. I read it because Ryan McIntyre shared it on twitter and it's about Boulder.

- A post about Argan Oil on Aging Ungracefully. If I were editing what I read I might take this one out because it makes me seem shallow (which I'm not) or overly concerned with aging (As a single woman, I am a little). But I'm not censoring so it stayed.

- How to Market Your Business Using Video. This came from Trada's Cracker Jack Marketing team. Who also happen to be my friends. Loving this new series.
- Why Wait. Another Seth Godin goodie. This isn't the first time I've read it. I kept in my inbox to remind me to keep pushing to deliver even though the deadline is far off.

- Yet another article on Netflix er, Qwikster's new name.

- An interesting post about the role of content in social media.

- A late night post about the coming Facebook Apocalypse left me wondering what impact this would have on companies who use this platform as a critical path for connection with their community.

- Loved this Techstars send-up by Jason Mendelson so much that I thought you should watch it too. It's at the end of this post.

Total # of posts: 19

# of posts about...
- Entrepreneurs: 6
- Marketing: 4
- TechStars: 3
- R.E.M.'s breakup: 2
- Facebook Apocalypse: 1

Whew. That was a lot of reading. And posting. I think I need to take a break. Time for a book.

Blogging: 10 Years Later

It's been 10 years since I first heard about blogging. Those days I worked at an interactive agency during web 1.0. Back then updating content on a site practically required a degree or at least a minor in programming, so there were very few bloggers out there. OK. Maybe I'm being a bit facetious about the minor in programming but you definitely had to have some knowledge.

I only knew one blogger: Patric King.

He served as the Creative Director on several projects I led. A bang up designer, his voice was very clear--sarcastic, direct with a pretty good amount of bite to it.

His posts always sounded just like how he talked.

Although he worked hard to craft his blogging voice it never felt forced or contrived.

I loved it.

I loved that he  gave himself the freedom to articulate his thoughts even when they weren't NSFW. Which happened quite a bit.

These are some of my favorite posts:

- The one where he makes a packing list sound interesting.  And? You get a good sense of his personality. Through a list. Now that--is good writing.

- This beautiful aching rant is so intimate and raw. It's also right around the time the company we worked for was coming apart at the seams like the rest of those internet companies during the dot bomb. It reminds me of those early heady days on the web.

- Or, this short ditty about names. or, god save my fragile ego.

Sadly, I've fallen out of touch with pk (as he's also known) but thank god for the internets where his voice lives on for me. Although I wouldn't start blogging until a few years later he was my original inspiration.

pk was my blogging hero.

He was my champion for having my own unique voice.

And we all need one of those right?