Lucky Girl #1

For the past 15 years I've had a daily practice of writing down things I was proud of myself for doing and what I'm grateful for. I call these acknowledgements (proud of ) and gratitude & abundance (grateful for). Whenever I do it my attitude is much better and my world just seems to magically improve. When I get into the habit regularly I find that I start to look for things to happy about so that I can record them. And then, viola! Magical and amazing things seem to happen.

I typically like to record all the ways I'm happy or lucky at the end of each day in a cute little notebook. This private celebration works pretty darn fine. But given my love of community and the fact that I spend like a bajillion hours online each day I thought it might be fun to share them here in a public and creative way.

So, I'm starting a new kind of post I'll call Lucky Girl.

It might be short. It might be a photo. It might be a pretty easter egg. Well, it probably won't be the last one since sharing edible food over the internet hasn't happened...yet. For now Lucky Girl will just be focused on gratitudes. I hope this inspires you to find ways that you're lucky as well. OK. Enough preamble. On to the inaugural post.

Lucky Girl #1

This first gratitude is actually in 3 parts. Most gratitudes will typically be about one thing. Wait, how do I know what's typical? Anyway, here it is.

1. Tara. A dear friend and one of the most smart, hilarious and down-to-earth women I know. Time with her always makes me smile? Don't know her? On the Twitters she's known as @tarable.  Also? Tall Tara.

2. Happy Noodle/Bitter Bar. This is the place where I'm Norm. Just switch the beer for high-end well crafted cocktails. Amazing food, great place to dine alfresco, great libation specialists like Mix Master Mark, one of my favorites. And? How can you not love a place whose name is such a study in contrasts?

3. Mayorships.

I stole the Mayorship of Happy Noodle/Bitter Bar on FourSquare. I meant to get a screen shot to commemorate my win but I got so excited about bragging about it on Twitter that I forgot. Yes, yes. It's a little thing on a site that most would say really doesn't mean alot. But it was fun. Let's face it, getting rewarded even for something meaningless still feels good. It's a small accomplishment. Now, if it only came with a tiara. And one of their yummy libations. I mean wearing something sparkly while drinking something sparkly? That would be just awesome. But...this is about gratitudes.

Today I got 3 of them all wrapped up into one short hour.  A three-fer. (Yes that's the technical term for it) Can't ask for anything better than that. Yes, indeed.

I'm a Lucky Girl.