Having a brand that reflects YOU + a promotion plan in place means you will always have fulfilling clients.

  • Feel confident in your unique value proposition
  • Build a web presence that reflects your brand
  • Know how to market yourself, your company or product in a natural way
  • Get moving on marketing

Client Success: After great success in the private arena, a group of software developers, authors + trainers launched a public workshop thinking it would “sell like hotcakes.” After several months they’d only sold one ticket. They hired me to help them build their brand + create a marketing program that led to sales. We worked to help each partner understand their brand DNA, growth hacked our way to a marketing plan that works and overhauled their website. Since our work the company sells four trainings a year, expanded their offerings and increased their sales for very lucrative private training.

Marketing Packages

Once you’ve codified your brand it’s time to get in action + spread the good word. Here's a few ways we can help.

  • Initial marketing audit + recommendations
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Recruit + train + manage a virtual assistant or marketing coordinator
  • Social media strategy
  • Website creative direction
  • Monthly brand audit, analysis + recommendations
  • Ghost blogging
  • Social media execution
  • Content calendar
  • Marketing/Business coaching
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Social media audit
  • General marketing conversation



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