Leaders focus on supporting the organization and the team to achieve their potential, often without getting much support at all. This can lead to isolation, overwhelm and burnout. Most leaders don’t have someone to support and guide them on the unique aspects of their role: how to know which fire to prioritize next, having to work collaboratively with other leaders, and making the leap from managing to influencing.

To be effective, leaders need support too. Executive coaching can help.

Executive coaching can help if you:

  • Are making the leap from manager to executive

  • Have just started at a new company

  • Feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to focus

  • Need help scaling your role as the company grows

  • Don’t have quite enough support in your role as a leader

  • Are figuring out how to have more influence

The role of a coach

Coaching is a particular way of seeing relationships with a specific methodology. While experience as a manager or mentor can help, coaching has it’s own framework and is distinct from mentoring, managing or consulting. Whereas the latter three tend to focus on solving your problem using expertise they’ve developed, coaching is focused on asking powerful questions to help you get to the heart of the problem before trying to find answers. A coach is a neutral source of feedback who supports you to be introspective, invested in finding the right answer that’s in alignment with who you are, your talents and what’s important to you.

My approach

My approach leads with a coaching framework and, given my experience in organizational strategy and leadership, I blend in feedback and mentoring when it’s helpful. I tend to be open with my own vulnerabilities and mistakes rather than pretending I’m perfect. Sometimes sharing mistakes can help us feel less alone which is so important, especially for leaders who are often isolated.

How coaching works

Coaching works best when there’s a chemistry and a shared understanding between the two people in the relationship. Before embarking on a coaching relationship, we’ll start with an introductory call so you can share more about your situation to see if I can help and we can get to know each other to see if we’re a match. If we decide that we are a fit, we’ll determine a cadence that works for you and your goals.

Want to see if we’re a fit?

I also offer executive coaching for companies. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you offer additional support for your leaders, please drop me a note. I’m happy to chat about special offers and how we might work together.


My job as a coach is to:

  • Be direct to maximize the coaching relationship so you can achieve your outcomes faster

  • Set clear goals so we know when we achieve them

  • Be neutral and objective so you can understand your own motivations and roadblocks better

  • Know when I’m attached to my opinions, and out myself when I am

  • Care more about your goals & what you need than being right or looking good

Want to learn more about executive coaching? Schedule an introductory call.