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My dad (the one wearing the pocket protector) was a design engineer who developed prototypes for GM back in the day. Being an engineer he liked to break things down into nice tidy aphorisms that made things black & white. My favorite is one he used often.

It's simple but highly effective.

Whenever I have a decision I feel confused about or that am going back and forth on I invoke it. It helps me move past the "sunk cost" rationalizations or anything else that might confuse me as to whether it was a good decision or not. Here's the secret.

Good decisions get better.

Bad decisions get worse.


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  1. Tarable February 17, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    In addition to the brilliant secret you've revealed in this post, there are two other things I love here. First, you have a picture of your dad wearing a pocket protector. AWESOME. Second, your dad has a Wikipedia entry. TOTALLY AWESOME.
    Thanks for sharing. This is a year of transition and many decisions for me, so I'll definitely keep this wisdom in mind.


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