We all love our baby. We coo at it like a real one and of course we know it's not ugly!  But even though we love it and it's a passion there are times when we all get a little stuck on how to move it forward or we just need an outside opinion. We all need that sometimes. I've been around the business, startup block more than a few times at this point. As a CMO-for-Hire my work is one part marketing strategy, one part organizational strategy and one part business strategy. I've also bootstrapped many companies (no or very little funding) which means I'm not only scrappy it means:

1) I know how to get things done

2) I know how to turn chaos into clarity

3) I know how to get creative in the face of small or non-existent budgets

Given all this experience and gumption–as my mom likes to call it I've amassed a bit of knowledge and perspective. I get requests to Pick My Brain and now I'm making it easy.  This package also means that there's no commitment because sometimes you just need a neutral, outside opinion or you want a bit of help but have a limited budget.

Pick My Brain Package

What you'll get:

- A one hour phone or skype session with me

- A follow-up email with resources or important notes

- Real actionable steps that will get you closer to your goal

- An honest, neutral opinion

Ready to get closer to your goal? Simply go the the PayPal button on my home page, make your payment for $249 and away we go.

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