Having the opportunity to be the COO of a tech company was an incredible learning experience. Scaling the company offered my biggest growth opportunity to date. Though I’ve been in leadership positions before, it was one of the most invigorating and challenging times in my career.

Being a leader means juggling competing priorities:

  • managing your team

  • hiring for future needs

  • handling short term demands

  • sharing the long term vision

  • crafting processes and tools that allow you to scale

  • working with other leaders to drive the business strategy

  • creating a culture where employees feel like they have an impact and do their best work

Scaling startups have a constantly shifting landscape, which means decision making is complex and challenging. Sometimes there just isn’t a perfect answer or you pick the wrong fire to put out first. While I thrive in chaotic environments that require me to create structure, that doesn’t mean it was always easy and there were times when I felt isolated. As I reflected on my own journey as a leader, I knew I wanted to help other execs through their challenges in scaling themselves, their role and the company.

Right now my work with scaling companies includes organizational strategy and I offer executive coaching for tech leaders. But to help more leaders navigate the complexities of leadership, I need to scale myself. So I'm looking to build tools to help more leaders. I'm exploring ideas about what those might look like so I'm talking with other leaders to gain a broader understanding of their challenges.

Are you a VP or C-suite at a growing company? If you’d like to share your experiences, I’d love to hear more of your story and insights.

If you can’t find a time that works, send me an email and I’ll we find a time that works.