Tiny Story #16: The Upside of Wardrobe Malfunctions

The other night I went to an event in Manhattan. I'm a pretty big introvert these days so it takes a bit to get me dressed and out of the house. Taking a couple of trains and battling other pedestrians usually keeps me home. But I was interested in the topic, so even though I was nervous, I went. A few minutes after I sat down a woman appeared behind my shoulder, using a sweeping motion , quickly tucking something into the back of my shirt.

You have a tag sticking out. I hate it when no one tells me so...

Oh crap. I hate coming home to realize I looked like an asshole all night and no one told me. Thank you so much.

Instead of being embarrassed as I would have been in the past, I looked at it as an opportunity to meet someone new. So I asked her about herself. What she'd been up to in her life. These days she was a writer and cook. In her earlier career she used to be a stylist for a bunch of famous people, including Joan Osborne in the 90s.

Joan Osborne was my style icon. And the reason I got my nose pierced, I told my new friend.

We exchanged information and promised to chat about our common interests (fashion, writing and natural health). I was pleased I took a risk and meet someone who'd lived such an interesting life, concluding the event was a success. I even considered making another fashion faux pas in the future in the hopes of meeting someone just as interesting.


Tiny Story #11: The Mother Cat of NYC

I was standing on a busy street corner in Soho. Spring and Broadway. Yellow cabs whizzing by, the woman next to me oblivious. Talking passionately into her phone. She started across the street. An SUV sped towards her. The man next to her gently tugged her backpack. The little ones we found so fashionable in the 90s. He wordlessly plucked her out of traffic like a mother cat picks up her kitten. By the scruff of the neck.

She kept talking. Didn't even pause for a second.

I blinked, the light turned and  went on my way. Grateful for the action of a "mother cat." I didn't need to see human carnage today.