Tiny Story #24: Good things take time

I’ve spent the last week researching and working on the outline of a business book I’m writing. It’s a tedious process that takes stamina and patience. I woke up down. Dejected about how long it was taking. Needing the quick hit of feeling like I accomplished something, I locked myself in my office, my goal to write something I could hit publish. 

My desk looks out onto a city street. 

As I worked, I saw three women in goldenrod gowns walk by before I realized it was graduation day at the local school. They were heading in the direction of the public housing unit a few blocks away. When I graduated from high school, I was slightly embarrassed. I took my cap and gown off before leaving school. But these kids walked down the street in full garb, with pride, broad smiles leading the way. You could tell that graduation was an accomplishment, something they may not have believed they could achieve. Graduating was something they had worked hard for. 

When the fourth student walked by I stepped out onto my balcony and shouted Congratulations! to a young girl and her boyfriend. She looked around for my location while he said Thank you! They crossed the street with large grins. My eyes filled immediately.

They reminded me that good things that time, resilience and focus.