I was never cool.

As soon as I could read I became a word nerd who enjoyed slipping into the world of words. The endless combinations of words and the stories they produced brought me comfort. Sure, I could converse with people but the truth is I always preferred the wonderment of books. I spent most of my childhood with a flashlight ready so I could read late into the night long after the lights were out. A librarian wanted to promote reading so they offered to dedicate a book to you for every 10 that you read. By the time I was 9 I had more than 12 dedicated to me–at just that library. One weekend instead of practicing for cheerleader tryouts I was engrossed with biographies on Martin Luther King, Pocahontas and Sacajewa. When it came to the tryout I did a halfhearted cheer — and went back to reading my book. Of course I didn't make the squad, though I was on the journalism staff throughout high school. 

The Part Where I Lose My Love
In college I took every english class available in hopes that I could turn my obsession into a profession. Sadly, my obsession stayed a hobby.When I left the world of higher learning my reading continued but at a far slower pace. Books were soon replaced with the endless blare of the TV at night, a vain attempt at cloaking the days events with mindless blather.  I discovered that literally and metaphorically I couldn't read by the tv light. And so my books became dusty artifacts of a former love. My reading became more limited to articles and blog posts. When I read books they were nearly all non-fiction–anything that could be consumed quickly and turned into knowledge for my burgeoning professional life. 

The Return of Reading & A Big Challenge
A few years ago I found my way back to my beloved. Though my book binges weren't anywhere near my previous state, it felt good to be cradled inside stories again. I wondered how I could plot a more frequent presence of books in my life. My inspiration was Andrew Hyde and Tara Anderson Cahliman who had both recently finished reading 52 books in a year. For 6 months I tried to screw up the courage to attempt to read 52 books in 52 weeks. A book a week when I was barely reading one a month? (gulp) What if I failed? What would it mean for my love of books if I didn't make it? Worry danced in my head like flame on a campfire. One day I just decided that I could do it. Or at least, I could try.

Why read 52 books in a year? 

  • Open myself to new ideas different cultures
  • It was time to pry myself away from the tv 
  • To rediscover my former love affair with words
  • Reading good writing makes you a better writer
  • My intuition kept egging me on
  • To see if I could do it

The biggest reason I did it was to challenge myself to do something that mattered to me even if it didn't have a direct impact on my business.

So, I did it. I actually read 52 books in a year.

I started (and finished) my first book Apron Anxiety on September 16, 2012. I read the last line of my final book Born Standing Up on August 12, 2013. 

Now that you know why I did it, in my next post I'll tell you how I did it and how you can too. (You know you wanna…and I know you can.)


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3 Responses to “Why I Read 52 Books in a Year”

  1. Ross Carlson October 16, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Do you have a list of everything you read and/or any big standouts? I've sorta never been a big reader, hell I'll admit I probably haven't read 52 books my entire life! (god thats horrible isn't it?)  Any recommendations from your year?  I know its shocking but I'd be looking for action/Sci-Fi


    Looking forward to your updates, did you read "Art of Racing in the Rain"?  If so amazing isn't it? If you haven't put it high on your list!


    Looking forward to tne future posts.

  2. suzanbond October 16, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Thanks Ross! I tracked all my books on GoodReads. I'll also be doing another post about the books I read soon. As for action/Sci Fi I'd honestly love to read more of that genre. The only one I re-read in this category was Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency which is a favorite.


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