I've been working for myself for 10 years. I teach developers and internet makers how to share their work and create a business...without selling their soul.

Brand Coaching

I dislike overly produced marketing especially when it comes to personal branding. The more natural, the better. I help folks understand their values, strengths and how to present themselves in a way that is organic to who they are. This includes everything from creative direction on a logo or website, understanding your brand multipliers, an audit of your brand and coaching to help you gain clarity on how to present yourself.

Band Management

I help experts who teach, write and consult to build a sustainable business that helps have the kind of impact they want to have. This service is ideal you already have a business but are looking to be more efficient or transition from services to products.

Sharing Strategy

I love helping people transition to working for themselves. Sharing Strategy is perfect if you're looking to make money from your side project, want to understand your marketing multipliers or need a high level strategy.

Work With Me

If you're interested in understanding your brand better, promoting your work or turning your side project into recurring income, please tell me a bit more about it below or by email.

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photo credit: Natasha Hergott

photo credit: Natasha Hergott