Hi. I'm Suzan.    

I’m an executive coach who helps tech leader navigate overwhelm so they can have an impact.

Most often I work with leaders in companies that are rapidly scaling, and feeling the pain of it. Most people don’t enjoy chaos of organizational change but I love making sense of things and helping to plot the steps to sustainability or to a sale. It’s what I’ve done for the better part of my career. I love helping people figure out how to scale themselves (and the organization) so they can break free from feelings of overwhelm.

I’ve been in technology for over a decade in various roles from project management, marketing, people operations and organizational strategy. My favorite part of the organizational journey is when the company is undergoing change. I love working with leaders at growing startups. Most recently I was the COO for Travis CI.

While I'm currently offering executive coaching for tech leaders, my ultimate goal is to help more leaders have more impact. To do that I need to go beyond 1:1 work, so I'm looking to build tools to help more people. I'm exploring ideas about what those might look like so I'm talking with folks to gain a broader understanding of their challenges.

Are you a VP or C-suite at a growing company? If you’d like to share your experiences, I’d love to chat. You can book a 30 minute time here.

Unable to find a time that works for you? Send me an email and we’ll find a time.

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