Hi. I'm Suzan.    

I’m an organizational strategist who supports scaling companies figure out where to put their energy so they can build a sustainable culture and business. I’m also an executive coach who helps tech leader navigate overwhelm so they can have a positive impact.

I work with leaders in rapidly scaling companies and feeling the pain of it. Most don’t enjoy chaos of organizational change but I love making sense of things and helping to plot the steps to sustainability or a sale. The context leaders operate in is often complex in rapidly changing situations where there often isn’t a right answer. Leaders often support others without getting much support themselves. But everyone needs support. Focused support helps leaders be more effective. This is why I love helping them figure out how to prioritize, and scale themselves (and the organization) so they can break free from feelings of overwhelm.

These days you’ll find me sharing my thoughts about leadership, org strategy and scaling companies on Twitter. Here are a few of my latest tweets.

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