Hello! I’m Suzan Bond, an executive coach and organizational strategist. I’ve spent more than a decade in tech in various positions, most recently as COO for a startup.

As a leader, I understand the pain of juggle multiple priorities, working to get a shared vision between the leaders, hiring and managing while trying to scale the business (and yourself). I’ve wondered if I could handle it all and felt the pain of isolation as a leader.

My favorite part of the organizational journey is when the company is undergoing change. I care deeply about creating effective organizations and love supporting the leaders who run them. I’ve been studying human behavior and organizational strategy for most of my career. I’m a certified executive coach, have BA in psychology and a minor sociology, an MA in American Studies from Michigan State University, and a MSW in administration and community organizing from the University of Michigan.

I’m a regular contributor to Fast Company. I write for the Work Life section, covering leadership, personal effectiveness and productivity. One of my articles was named one of the Top 10 leadership stories of 2015.

What I believe

  • Business strategy first, then organizational strategy

  • Companies are dynamic, living entities — the one constant is change

  • Being a leader is hard, make sure you get enough support

  • Focus on why, then focus on what and how

  • Eliminate toxic situations and people, even if it’s hard (do this especially when it’s hard)

  • Knowing yourself is critical; focus on your strengths, hire folks with complimentary talents

  • Seek to understand, then seek to be understood

If you're looking for career development advice or my podcast Indiedotes, Bet on Yourself will take you to the right place.

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