Hello again.

I like tacos, travel and curling up with a good book. My favorite emotion is laughing while crying. I believe there's nothing like just being yourself -- fitting in is overrated.

I care deeply about creating effective organizations and love supporting the leaders who run them. I’ve been studying human behavior and organizational strategy for most of my career. I’m a certified executive coach, have BA in psychology and a minor sociology, an MA in American Studies from Michigan State University, and a MSW in administration and community organizing from the University of Michigan.

I’m a regular contributor to Fast Company. I write for the Leadership section, covering career management, personal effectiveness and productivity. One of my stories was named one of the Top 10 Lessons of 2015.

More about me

I grew up in Detroit. My dad is a mechanical engineer who built prototypes for innovative cars like the Electrovair II, GM's first electric car unveiled to the world. I guess that's where my love of engineers started. And, why I consider myself a geek to the core. My love of startups comes my grandfather, who was an entrepreneur long before the current startup craze.

My parent's biggest dream was to travel and so by the age of 16, I'd visited all the continental united states by the age of 16. My wanderlust has driven me to live in San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boulder, Denver and now New York City. I also learned to love to read on those long road trips days so when I’m not traveling, you’ll often find me with my head stuffed in a book.

If you're looking for career development advice or my podcast Indiedotes, Bet on Yourself will take you to the right place.

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