Things That Are Macgyvered #68

If you know me at all you know that my dad is engineer who finds it fun to rig things together so that they work better. One day when he was visiting I came home to find every cord in my house duct-taped down and fixed the broken spring on the lid of my garbage can with a paper clip. True story. Lie detector me.

Although this makes me blush I have to admit that I am just like my father. In this regard. I do not wear pocket protectors. I love to Macgyver things. It's a fun and useful skill. I once received a bracelet that didn't fit right so instead of getting rid of it I Macgyvered it by making it a necklace for my Buddha. Problem solved. I've been known to attach a heating pad to my back with a binder clip so that I could still work. I've even Macgyvered a bad dating situation. My definition is anything that helps you get out of a sticky situation.

Macgyvering is really more of a spirit than the letter type of thing.

Given the number of times I tweet, say this word or take photos of things that are Macgyvered I thought I'd start a new type of post.

Things That Are Macgyvered

Macyvering is not always linear.  So although this is actually the first post, in the spirit of Macgyvering all things I'm calling it #68. Who knows? Maybe the next post will be #3. The inspiration for this inaugural post came from my friend Chris (aka Ruckus on the Twitters). Since they didn't have an accurate name tag for his needs at the TechStars Smackdown last night he Macgyvered one to suit his purposes. Well done my friend.

As you can see by my friend's ingenuity you don't have to be able to diffuse an explosive device to be a Macgyverer. If you got out of a sticky situation, that counts as a Macgyver in my book. And I know there are plenty of examples of Macgyvering in the startup world.

Have a picture or story of something you've Macgyvered? 

Send it along--I'd love to share it.