Does the Negative Really Work Better?

I woke the other morning to battle lines being erected on Twitter. It was this infographic that caused it all. In a nutshell--it's supposed to help you figure out which type of female tech influencer you are. I'm not sure if the intent was to be humorous, sarcastic, entertaining or what. Whatever the intention there were people strongly on either side of it. Some hated it while some thought it was fun and tweeted which "type" they were. As for me, I thought it was a bit reductionist, not extremely telling, fun and certainly nothing to take seriously. There are way to many other things to think and talk about. It did make me think though about attention and ways to get it. This controversial (or fun depending on your perspective) infographic made lots of waves garnering oodles of attention for the author. We all know the old adage about kids trying to get attention in any way they can be it positive--or negative. And often times negative attention gets more play according to anecdotal and research-based evidence. What do you think?

Is negative attention really better than none at all?

Have you ever been "guilty" of taking the negative approach yourself?