On Love Day

This is for everyone, coupled or single, who isn’t experiencing this day of “love” in perfect hallmark fashion. I've been there many times.  It's ironic, maybe even horrible that on a day that we're supposed to be our happiest and feeling loved the most, some of us won't. I've felt the most alone I've ever felt on this day--coupled and single alike. I've also felt deep love on this day, though I've definitely experienced even deeper love on a random Tuesday.

On this day of “love” remember that you are always loved by someone. 

On this day of “love” know that there’s no perfect way to show or experience it. 

Celebrate it alone. Celebrate it asynchronously with the one you love. Don’t celebrate it. 

Just like love, there no one right way this day should look. 

Love isn't on a timeline.

Love isn't felt only on one day.

Love is felt when it's felt. In the way it's felt.

Love isn't convenient. (Thank God for that)