Reverb 10: Moment

Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). Most years I'd have to say that this task would be extremely challenging if not mission impossible. This year though there was a clear winner. It actually happened in the early first hours of 2010. It probably sounds like the ultmate cliche maybe but it's a true story--not contrived or embellished in any way.

I'd been invited to stay with a friend in Topanga Canyon for the holidays. On New Year's Eve, we ended up at a party. The scene was a kinda crazy party in L.A. ala Burning Man style.  Feeling very introspective (not because it was NYE--I was just in that mood) I didn't dress up and wasn't terribly excited about the trippy party. So, I sat outside by the fire. I didn't move for literally 3 hours. As a pretty kinetic, live wire this was pretty unusual for me.

Just Sitting

Feeling contemplative and content--I just sat. I watched all the trippy dancing, drumming and outfitted party goers drift by. (That photo is from said seat.) I didn't talk. I didn't consciously think about anything. It was the most powerful moment I've had all year. Maybe in many years. When I finally got out of my cozy zen-like state I walked away with some really important realizations.

I was so present in this moment, as I've talked about in this post, that I felt at my most alive. My most open to powerful insights.

Those exact revelations aren't that important. Just that from then I changed my life. That moment was the precursor and reason that I was able to accomplish all the things I talked about here.