Reverb 10: Try

Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn't go for it? There were a lot things I tried--and accomplished this year. More travel: 10+ cities. Climbing a 14er. Following the Paleo (eating) plan for more than 3 months. Speaking in front of nearly 900 people.

The thing I didn't try enough of but will next year is simple. Writing.

Sure--I wrote this year. In fact I wrote 34 blog posts (including this one).  I'm always writing. At least in my head. Much of it never gets to written page because I'm otherwise occupied without a writing utensil (showering or driving typically). Sometimes it's because I'm trying to write perfect first drafts. Other snippets get written down somewhere on a scrap piece of paper that I lose or that just never gets connected to something larger. Most of the time it's because I don't take the time to pull it together into a cohesive piece. Here are a few of my favorites that still need a home:

- My cape of shame.

- 24 years ago in my 18th year of breathing I had two crushing events whose impact has lingered until now. My 42nd year outside the safety of my mother's womb.

- Just remember...we listen to ourselves.

- Why Nike's Just Do It edict won't help you just do it.

There are many more than this--probably better--well, hopefully better. In 2011 I will write more. Not just try. As the wise philosopher Yoda once said, "Do or do not. There is no try." So I will do. Regardless of clients or other work. I will not just write but collect it into some sort of readable form and publish at least one book. Yep. I will write & publish at least one book in 2011.

Randomly...or maybe not so randomly...

I'd love to find a publisher to formally publish a new edition of this book and to publish my next one. Keep a look out for me huh? Remember: There is no or do not.