Reverb 10: Writing

Day Two: What do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing -- and can you eliminate it? Loved the first prompt. This one is a bit more vexing. I don't write for a living (completely) but do consider myself a writer. There doesn't seem to be an eloquent reason for what doesn't contribute to my writing so here is a free association list...

- Bathing

- Work

- Driving

- Tweeting

- Daydreaming

- Taking care of my dog

- Playing word scramble

- Lack of inspiration

- Worrying about what to write

- Socks (My feet get hot and cold all the time so I find myself taking them on and off all the time. It's very distracting.)

- Trying to put together a perfect outline first (I actually typed outfit first--maybe that's the real issue)

- Being afraid not of shitty first drafts a la Anne Lamott but of shitty final drafts

Silliness Aside

Some of those are frivolous (not the socks though--being comfortable is seriously important). If I were to narrow them down I'd say that getting inspired is the #1 distraction and #2 would be the outline.

So...I will eliminate the need for a good outline first. I will just write.

As for #1, writing and reading are actually my muses. I will put down the Netflix queue and pick up a book, a pen or my laptop and simply write.