Enough With This Pink Tech Ghetto Business

The role of women in technology has been talked about endlessly. Normally I stay out of these conversations because we seem to rehash the same thing over and over again. Ugh. I hate endless conversation about problems, preferring to focus on progress and solutions. So, when I felt I needed to step into the digital fray on this issue it's why I focused my post on There is No Pink Tech Ghetto

Apparently that little post still has legs because a few weeks ago Forbes writer Meghan Casserly asked for my opinion on the topic. Meghan writes a column that covers women's issues, ForbesWoman. In this article, she questions just who is to blame for the perception that there's a pink tech ghetto loaded with female entrepreneurs. She ends the piece with my quote:

"It paints women entrepreneurs at the helm of high-growth, tech businesses as unicorns who don’t exist.”

They do exist.

And there are statistics that debunk this myth. Check out the article for more enlightening stats as well as a study done by Marian Mangoubi. In her research, Marian notes that the three most populus industries for female entrepreneurs are in technology, business and media & entertainment.

Now, can we put this whole Pink Tech Ghetto Discussion to rest and get back to creating cool things that have an impact? Or better yet.

Find a cool woman entrepreneur.

Support her.

Spread the word about what she's doing.