What I Read Today

I think the biggest relationship in my life is with...content.

I love reading it, writing it, writing about it. Naturally, it consumes a good portion of my day. Since I have no idea how much consume (except that it's probably massive) I thought I'd record everything I read today. (Emails, tweets and facebook posts that weren't articles or blog posts were not counted) For example, reading a DM from someone who wanted to talk about being a community manager and reading the FAQ on WordPress installs didn't count. Although, if it was a blog post that came directly into my inbox I did count it. Anyway, those are my rules. Here are my tools.

Tools: Evernote and Instapaper were the biggest tools to help me record all my various reads.
How I found my content: Emailed blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

- REM breaks up. Everybody hurts...sometimes.

- And another one just because I'm so sad about the breakup.

- Heard about new funding for TechStars companies first from Andrew Hyde courtesy of an email in my inbox with this post.

- Two posts by Mark Suster on anger including a story about floaties in the pool. Not the kind you wear for buoyancy.

Whew. That's  a lot of reading. Time for a wee break. Here are a few photos I took today.

[gallery order="DESC"]

Back to some good reads.

- Found out that my friend Alex's company Next Big Sound is in the running for the best young entrepreneurs. Vote for them! I'm sure they'll throw us a big party if they get selected. Um, right?

- Starting Your Dream Job by Wendy Lea. Read this one because I saw my friend Josh Fraser mention her and found out she was one of his advisors through this article.

- Another announcement about new funding for TechStars companies courtesy David Cohen. Wanted to see if there were more details.

- One of the most prolific writers I know is at it again with We Are All Weird. Love the title. Love the author (Seth Godin).

- Really enjoyed, Blissciple about Grace Boyle's upbringing in TM (Transcendental Meditation). I adore Grace and have spent a good amount of time in her town and around the TM community so it was an especially fun read.

- A letter to the CEO of Netflix from DVD's on Mashable. My favorite line: "Oh Reed, how soon you’ve forgotten to think like a customer."

- Most economically vibrant college towns. I read it because Ryan McIntyre shared it on twitter and it's about Boulder.

- A post about Argan Oil on Aging Ungracefully. If I were editing what I read I might take this one out because it makes me seem shallow (which I'm not) or overly concerned with aging (As a single woman, I am a little). But I'm not censoring so it stayed.

- How to Market Your Business Using Video. This came from Trada's Cracker Jack Marketing team. Who also happen to be my friends. Loving this new series.
- Why Wait. Another Seth Godin goodie. This isn't the first time I've read it. I kept in my inbox to remind me to keep pushing to deliver even though the deadline is far off.

- Yet another article on Netflix er, Qwikster's new name.

- An interesting post about the role of content in social media.

- A late night post about the coming Facebook Apocalypse left me wondering what impact this would have on companies who use this platform as a critical path for connection with their community.

- Loved this Techstars send-up by Jason Mendelson so much that I thought you should watch it too. It's at the end of this post.

Total # of posts: 19

# of posts about...
- Entrepreneurs: 6
- Marketing: 4
- TechStars: 3
- R.E.M.'s breakup: 2
- Facebook Apocalypse: 1

Whew. That was a lot of reading. And posting. I think I need to take a break. Time for a book.