Tiny Story #5

Yesterday around 3 o’clock the dog started pacing. When this didn’t work she became my shadow, tracking my every step. Finally, she walked over to the leash and tapped it with her nose. It’s time to go out. Now that it’s warm outside, the afternoon walk is generally longer than just to the corner for quick relief. It often means a walk around the concrete park a few blocks away. 

Although the walk is close, it takes twice the amount of time to get there because of the sniffing. Oh, the sniffing. We must sniff and check out every. little. thing. Finally, we made it to the park. We strolled close to the fence for some potty action. Suddenly two tiny girls flew off the slide and came running toward the dog. 

Nice doggie. Nice doggie. One of them crooned while she petted the dog. The other one squatted down, looking at the dog’s underside. 

It’s a girl. 

Oh! Just like me! 

The other one pulled a rubber mouse from her pocket and said,

This one is a girl too!

And so, a little tribe of females convened on a spring day in New York City.