Tiny Story #9: The Race

Three little kids ran past.

They were having a race.

As the three tiny racers neared the corner, the little girl, wearing cuffed jeans and a black and white striped varsity-styled jacket, fell. She jumped up, brushed her hands off and stood still. And silent. The two boys beckoned her to go back and start the race again.

And so the race began again. She ran strong only hesitating near the corner, the finish line. When she reached it she put her hands up in the air like the victor and then out perpendicular to her sides like a crossing guard. The earlier fall transforming her into a guardian of safety. 

Tiny Story #4

It happened again. It happened as I tried to figure out what to write a tiny story about. I wasn't paying attention. I was focused on the task. Actually task(s). Multitasking. Experts say you shouldn't do it but still, I do. 

It happened just as I was reaching for an old notebook filled with memories from my past, a treasure trove for a tiny story. I set down my covered water glass on a coaster. I always drink from an adult sippy cup. Read: covered to the max. Because I was looking fondly at my journal I set the cup down on the edge of the coaster. The glass tumbled onto my laptop dropping several droplets of water. I immediately jumped up turn the laptop over and turned it off.

This is not the first time. Hence the again. I've lost three laptops to liquid. Two to water and one to a glass of wine. Don't ask. It's a silly drunken story involving a guitar, a breezy summer night and plenty of fermented liquid. My laptops have also survived chai spills amongst many close calls with water.  

Despite this history you think I'd be even more careful. That'd I'd put water 10 feet away from any laptop. Maybe it's just that I'm hopeful that even at this  stage in life I can still change. I can become a more mindful, graceful person.