Tiny Story #20: Green M&M's

A woman on the train carried an M&M's World bag. I wondered what kind of merchandise you can get M&M world. Was it edible? A giant stuffed m&m? Did she have an obsession with the candy? Was she reclaiming her childhood?

Peanut m&m's always remind me of my childhood. Happy memories. Like the time my younger sister, perhaps 7 or 8, cautioned my mom against eating the green ones because they "made you horny." I'm pretty sure my sister didn't know what horny meant but was parroting back what her older siblings told her. 

As I wondered about the contents of m&m bag and pondered my own childhood, the woman tucked her head on her mom's shoulder. Now she was a woman. Not a girl. But sometimes when we're with our mom we revert to childlike ways. Or maybe she just wanted to go back to a simpler time. A time in her life when she didn't care about boys or bosses. When she was playful. Her biggest care, plain or peanut.



Tiny Story #3

A month before the senior class was set loose on the world, the results of our class vote were released. There were many predictable results: Sandi, our homecoming queen, and truly lovely, was voted most beautiful. But there were a few upsets. Always thinking of myself as uncool and unnoticed, it was shocking to see my name listed for three categories for the girls: Biggest Mooch, Sexiest Voice and Most Talented.

The first award, though a joke, would haunt me for many years, making me strive to prove myself and loathing to ask for help when I needed it. It also lodged a thought in the back of my head: if I were a mooch, and being an artist was financially speculative at best, perhaps I should consider something more stable.

I readily discounted the latter two awards, reasoning that the pool of creative girls was so small that I got it by default. I was embarrassed. I felt like a fraud. I was certain I was an impostor. I started college a few months later as a music major but quickly dropped the program and went into some more practical.

It was many years before I'd get back to my creative roots. High school. It leaves a mark.

Tiny Story #1

I’ve never done an April Fool’s Day prank. I made one joke on the holiday. And never again. 

When I was 8, my 10 year old brother and I joked that our older brother, born on April 1st, was an April Fools prank. At 12, he wasn’t offended. But he was street smart. So, he told my parents about the joke. We got in BIG trouble. And that’s why I’ve never done an April Fool’s Day Prank and don’t consider it a fun holiday. Even as an adult, it still feels like a day of punishment for me.

Childhood feelings. They can go on forever.