Reverb 10: Make

Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? Let's just be blunt. I'm not a good cook, drafter or painter (all proven). Given this lack of technical talent with my hands I tend "make" things that are generally less tangible. My raw materials are me.

I make...

- (er, write) books.

- New ideas every day.

- Friends easily.

- Meaning. From everything.

- Collections of my nieces' art work.

- Decisions. Usually good ones.

- People smile cuz I'm usually riding the "fun bus."

- Collections. (Buddhas, Ganeshas & Owls are my favorites)

- Things happen. You want something done? I'm your person.

- People feel accepted & cared for.

- Community and connections wherever I go.

- A mess of my room & then clean it up--daily.

- People (including clients & my dog) do things they don't know they can do.

On a tangible note: I used to bake. Biscuits from scratch. Vegan cookies that tasted "real." I once even made chicken pot pie. OK--I made the crust and assisted with the chopping. My Kitchen Aid mixer is one of the favorite material things I own. I plan to get back to it one day.

Right now though...the things I really want to make more of are books. Like the one I wrote on one of my favorite topics. I'm off on a nearly month-long trip in a few days where I intend to write more books.

And you? What do you like to make? How do you make time for it?