the gateway to fall

ah, labor day. the gateway to fall and my favorite weekend of the year. i typically spend most of this weekend alone, reading, writing and reflecting on what i want for the rest of the year. this year's annual weekend wasn't too different than past years. well, maybe the first item was new. anyhow, here's what i did.

chased after a chicken to get it back in the coop.

discovered that i love gin. especially leopold's and caprock.

went yarn shopping for some amazing threads that soon will be made into something pretty and useful by the lovely and amazing sarah welch.

went out to a nice dinner wherein i proceeded to state that i would move for love. and then got called out for the truth. i would move for love. to new york, san francisco, london or paris. maybe denver.

had drinks with a dear friend.  attempted to take a self-portrait in the bathroom mirror. this i do at nearly every nice restaurant i go to when i remember to bring my phone in with me. one day i'll manage to take a good one.

watched a string 80's movies with nothing in common. dirty dancing, overboard, grease and blade runner. in truth, i only watched the first half of the last film, go depressed and then switched over to grease. one day i'll muster the spirits to watch the final half.

toured a craft brewery. and learned what a mash tun is. And that you're not supposed to go swimming in one.

slept in to a time that is way to late for someone over the age of 21.

read a book about a woman who traveled around the world to find true love and hoped i wouldn't have to do the same to find mine. back to blogging. put 3 more into the hopper. a post on this coming tomorrow.

what i didn't do

i didn't climb another 14er, yet. that's next weekend.

i didn't explore a new city. that will likely come later this year.

i didn't go to burning man. that may happen some time.

i didn't drink too much and regret it the next day. that's for another life time.

but i wasn't looking for these things. my quiet(ish) activities were the perfect to spend my favorite weekend.

so, how did you spend yours?

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